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Braino Metaverse!

Age of Brainos NFT game is the gateway to a new metaverse with no entry barrier. Players will collect and develop Braino NFTs and lead them to battle in various gamemodes based on strategical turn-based gameplay. There will be various ways to enjoy and there will be extensive social features to enliven the metaverse.

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For years, a mad scientist named Sinisterio researched on the power of brains and sought ways to unlock their potential. Some questionable experiments later, he created sentient creatures out of the brains of dead people. They were called BRAINOS! Brainos refused to serve Sinisterio's evil plans since they had their own will. Now, they are gathering to fight against Sinisterio's evil minions and save the world!




  • Core Team Creation
  • Art Production
  • Website Launch
  • Play & Own Community Engagement

2023 Q1

  • Initial NFT Characters (Brainos) Reveal
  • Game Concept and Economy Design Published

2023 Q2

  • Start of Game Development
  • Whitepaper v1.0
  • 5 Legendary Brainos Revealed
  • Battle System Demo Released
  • 9 Class Details Revealed
  • Trailer Released
  • 1st Development AMA

2023 Q3

  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Client and Web Browser Login Systems Implemented
  • NFT Drop of 2500 Brainos
  • 5 Legendary Brainos Revealed
  • The City Map and Crisis Battles Implemented
  • 2nd Development AMA
  • Braino Giveaways

2023 Q4

  • Arena Implemented
  • Tower Mode Implemented
  • Staking System Implemented

Future Steps

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Arena Mode

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

Tower Mode

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

Staking System

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

HQ System (NFT Lands) Implementation

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HQ Furniture Giveaways

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

Alliance System

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

Breeding Feature

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

World Cup Qualifiers

future-steps-braino-blur future-steps-braino

Sponsored World Cup Event

Free to Play

Age of Brainos, Unico Games NFT Game, puts gameplay first. The players won't need to make a purchase before stating the game but owning premium NFTs will grant distinct advantages. There will be various ways to have fun, even for free to play - play & own players.


Free Brainos

All Game Modesplus-iconminus-icon

All game modes are available for both free to play players and NFT-owner players.


While limited compared to the NFT-owner players, free to play players can also stake and earn BRN tokens.

Limited Progressionplus-iconminus-icon

Free Brainos will earn limited experience and will be limited compared to NFT Brainos.

Common Ownershipplus-iconminus-icon

Free Brainos will be generic and they won't be owned by the players.


Free Brainos won't have cosmetic graphics and they will only have generic base skins.

No Breedingplus-iconminus-icon

Free Brainos can't be used for breeding.

No Sellingplus-iconminus-icon

Free Brainos won't have any monetary value as they won't be sold or bought.

Limited Earningsplus-iconminus-icon

Free Braino owners won't earn any money through their Brainos. But they will have a chance to earn money through staking.


NFT Brainos

All Game Modesplus-iconminus-icon

All game modes are available for both free to play players and NFT-owner players.


NFT-owner players will have stronger Brainos and they will have more chances to stake higher and earn more BRN tokens.

Limitless Progressionplus-iconminus-icon

NFT Brainos earn more experience and they will be stronger.

True Ownershipplus-iconminus-icon

NFT Brainos will be owned by the players. They can use them anyway they want.


Each NFT Braino will have unique graphics and will be %100 unique.


NFT Brainos can be used for breeding to create more and stronger NFT Brainos.

Selling NFTsplus-iconminus-icon

NFT Brainos will have a market value as they can be sold and bought.

Enormous Earningsplus-iconminus-icon

NFT Braino owners will develop their Brainos and increase their value, they will also create new ones with breeding.


9 Unique Classes


There will be 9 distinct classes and 2 of them will be rare. Each class will have their own advantages and disadvantages to spice up the strategic layer of the game. Players will be able to make dozens of squad variations.


3 Battle Modes


Crisis Battles will shape up the metaverse as players will work together to eliminate threats. Arena will be a proving ground for the players as they will fight each other for glory. The Tower will be the single player story-driven campaign.


Alliance Battles


Players will form alliances and compete against each other in the Alliance Wars. This system will work as a passive mining system as Alliances will fight for the leaderboards to get the most of staking rewards.


Social Features


Players will be able to buy Headquarters and invite their Alliance members for social activities and fun parties. The headquarters will be NFT lands and players will be able to decorate them as they see fit.

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We are a group of video game lovers who have reached millions of players all around the world in a few years. We have surpassed 2 million downloads and we have more than 10 thousand daily active users! We are bringing our mobile gaming mastery to the NFT world and metaverse with Age of Brainos!

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